Intel’s New Anti-Apple Ad is All About M1’s Shortcomings

Apple launched its first processor, the M1 chip for MacBook laptops, in November last year. These chips quickly proved to be much faster and more power-efficient compared to Intel chips. However, Intel is now ready to retaliate with a new ad campaign that highlights all the shortcomings of the Apple M1.

The ad shows an Intel-powered PC with a caption that says “Only a PC can power scientists and gamers alike” and that “if you can power a rocket launch and launch Rocket League (a popular online multiplayer game), you’re not on a Mac. Go PC.” This clearly shows that the chipmaker is threatened by the Cupertino giant’s latest move and is attempting to win users back.

Further, the chipmaker also pointed out the lack of touch screen support on MacBooks, saying how “Only a PC offers tablet mode, touch screen and stylus capabilities in a single device.” Intel had previously also shared benchmarks comparing the Apple M1 with different high-end Intel Core chips.

It is worth mentioning that these benchmark results were carefully crafted by the company and were running on software that did not favor the M1 chip. However, it is likely that Intel’s anti-Apple ad is one of many to come in order to keep its slew of customers. Apple plans to power all of its MacBooks with its own chips soon and Intel is clearly in grave danger.

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