Samsung’s Upgraded ISOCELL GN1s & ISOCELL GN3 Sensors in the Works

Last year in September, Samsung announced four new imaging sensors including the Samsung ISOCELL HM2, ISOCELL GW3, Samsung ISOCELL GM5, and ISOCELL JD1. A few months before that, Samsung introduced its 50 MP ISOCELL GN1 imaging sensor. The sensor is reportedly getting two successors by the second half of the year.

According to a recent leak by the Chinese leaker, Digital Chat Station, the Korean Smartphone maker will announce the ISOCELL GN1s and ISOCELL GN3 sensors later this year.

Among the two, the ISOCELL GN1s will most likely be a slightly upgraded version of the ISOCELL GN1 while the ISOCELL GN3 will pack all the major upgrades. Both sensors are designed for flagship handsets.


In other news, before the said sensors are officially announced, Samsung is expected to launch its ISOCELL GN2 sensor. According to reports, the sensor will debut with the impending Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro.

Samsung’s imaging sensors have been used by OEMs worldwide for their phones for years now. The company keeps adding more sensors. However, its recently launched ISOCELL GN series is doing better than expected. It is more widely used than the ISOCELL HM series which has sensors such as the ISOCELL HMX (Xiaomi Mi Note 10), ISOCELL HM1 (Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra), ISOCELL HM2, and ISOCELL HM3 (Galaxy S21 Ultra).

It remains to be seen which phones will debut the new GN1s and GN3 sensors.

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