Digital Health Association Set Up To Represent Pakistan’s Growing Digital Health Ecosystem

To represent a rich diversity of the growing digital health startup culture of Pakistan, a Digital Health Association (DHA) has been established.

The body will highlight and support the emerging Pakistani digital health solutions dealing with telehealth, online pharmacy, online lab/diagnostics, online walk-in doctor appointments, online health insurance aggregators, and online home medical services.

Dr. Azfar Malik, Founding President of DHA, explained the initiative saying, “Amidst growing  Digital Health Ecosystem in Pakistan, especially in the recent years, there existed a vacuum for a platform to address the needs of this unique emerging industry and subsequently raise its voice at the government level for its growth and promotion.”

“DHA is looking forward to developing and nurturing a vibrant and solid network amongst all stakeholders in the Digital Health Ecosystem in Pakistan, and subsequently help and advise the government in smart and practical policymaking decisions.”

Doing this, Dr. Malik adds, would eventually contribute towards the growth and sustainability of this growing industry, hence creating a meaningful impact on the lives of Pakistani people.

Besides the digital health startups, DHA also represents established laboratory and pharmacy brands, as well as healthcare setups that are in pursuit of digitizing their products and services. Keeping in view the growing synergy between digital health and health insurance, the latter sector is also being duly represented in DHA.

DHA comprises a highly motivated, energetic, and committed team of 13 Executive Board Members followed by 7 office bearers, and has equal representation from all regions of  Pakistan.

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