Google Searches for Stock Investment Jump 223% in Pakistan

Google has revealed that since 2020, searches for investment in stocks have jumped by 223 percent in Pakistan. The stat does not shock most people as it usually would, with COVID-19 instilling financial uncertainties among social groups in all walks of life.

Google briefed media representatives from notable news outlets to discuss trends in search for people in Pakistan during 2020.


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The online event was titled “Year in Search 2020 Pakistan: Looking back to move your business forward”, and the detailed presentation garnered a plethora of subjects that caught people’s attention during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among such subjects, the stock market appealed to the general public as a means to potentially strengthen their socio-economic infrastructure through solution-based learning and to boost financial literacy from the outset.

Discussing these trends alongside fellow company reps, the country head of Google Customer Solutions Sales for South Asia, Aamir Altaf, said,

In a year of historic challenges, happiness and joy have been very welcome. Consumers are embracing the brands that spark joy and create a safe space for them to take a break. We saw an increase of 35 percent searches for online games versus 15 percent decline during the same period last year

The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to reassess their habits in recurring lockdown periods. Local businesses had to readjust their distribution models to retain a certain level of cash flow, and the associated losses were devastating.

In this regard, Faraz Azhar, Industry Head for South Asia Google for the Asia Pacific, commented,

COVID-19 has affected people in fundamental ways, and has changed how we live our lives significantly. It also created the desire for us to connect to our wider community and give back

Overall, people searched for comfort, recreational activities, and simple recipes for making wholesome desserts.

Perhaps the biggest surge was seen in searches for adopting pets (700 percent), with people on the lookout for psychological stimulants in the shape of ‘fostering animals’.


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In summary, Google’s Year In Search report for Pakistan reveals year-over-year increase in searches for the following keywords: ‘dubbed in Urdu’ (+328%), ‘kids home activities’ (+250%), ‘reusable’ (+128%), ‘gaming chair’ (+90%), ‘charity work’ (+122%), ‘easy dessert’ (+140%), ‘disease prevention’ (+109%), ‘mental health support’ (+100%), ‘gender equality’ (+40%), ‘adopt pets’ (+700%) and ‘stock investment’ (+223%).

For more insights on how consumers in Pakistan use Google Search, visit Think with Google and download the Year in Search 2020 Pakistan report.

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