Govt to Introduce Cosmetics Control Bill 2021 to Penalize Substandard Production

The Cosmetics Control Bill 2021 that entails provisions for strict measures against the manufacturers and traders of cosmetics who produce and sell defective products across the province will soon be presented before the Punjab Assembly.

Punjab’s Minister for Law, Raja Basharat, chaired a meeting to discuss the bill, and declared that “No one would be allowed to play with lives of masses for earning money”.


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He said that the bill will bring the production of cosmetics products within the purview of the law and will ensure that citizens are not sold substandard products that put their health and lives at risk.

The minister also stated that after it is passed, the bill will allow the government to ban hazardous cosmetics.


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The Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) revealed that several manufacturers of beauty creams and cosmetics are producing low-quality products for which they have been served notices and consequently, their products have been labeled as toxic.

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