How to Make the Most of Instagram’s New Algorithm

Instagram has developed its reputation as one of the most-used platforms by marketers for advertising businesses. However, with its constantly changing algorithms, it can be difficult to make the most out of it using yesterday’s strategies.

Very recently, many businesses were hit with Instagram’s new algorithm which took quite some time for the marketers to understand and evolve their strategy accordingly.

How does the 2021 Instagram Algorithm work?

It is important to understand that the purpose of this new algorithm is to filter the content on your feed according to each user’s personal interests, based on their previous activity.

It uses specific factors to analyze and prioritize the most relevant posts on the top so that a custom-feed can be created for each person.

What are the top-ranking factors?

The Instagram algorithm 2021 does content-proofing based on five factors that make every user’s feed unique:

  1. Interests

Instagram analyses your past likes, dislikes, and saved content to determine your potential interests. It then uses that information to show you the same genre of content on your feed.

Even though the new algorithm prefers saved posts over liked posts, your likes still count and you are more likely to be shown similar content.

  1. Engagement

According to the new algorithm, engaging with other accounts on Instagram is more important than ever. To ensure that your followers see the most of your content, it is crucial to like, comment, and reply to DMs.

A better engagement rate not only shows that you are active on your account, but also signifies that you care about your audience and would like to be an active part of the Instagram community.

  1. Timeliness

Instagram wants to show you the most recent, constant, and relevant posts. It is, therefore, wiser to keep an eye on when your followers are more active and post during that time so they get to see your fresh content.

If you don’t keep up with the time factor, your post is likely to get lost in the clutter and go further down in your followers’ feed.

  1. Frequency

The new algorithm also takes into account the amount of time you spend using Instagram. If you are a regular visitor, you will get fresh feed every hour. It will show you the most relevant feed according to your preferences.

If, however, you are an occasional visitor, you will only get the popular content from the time that you were absent. So, the more you use this app, the newer content is likely to be shown in your feed and hence your content will expand in variety.

  1. Following

If you are one of those users who follow an insane number of people, you are more likely to miss many posts from all the accounts you follow. Instagram doesn’t want to clutter your feed or jam it and restrict it only to the accounts you follow.

It wants you to explore similar accounts as well. So, it arranges only the most liked posts and arranges them in chronological order in your feed. People who follow only a select number of accounts will most likely see all of their posts.

How to beat the 2021 Instagram Algorithm?

While some influencers and marketers feel overwhelmed by the amount of effort the new algorithm requires for them to put into their content, beating it is not so hard. Here are five factors that can help you rank among the top on Instagram:

  1. Engagement is Key

Since the new algorithm is all about building a better-connected community, engagement is more important than ever. Reply to DMs, reply to the comments on your posts that your followers leave, and try to comment as much as possible on similar accounts as yours so that their followers may get a chance to view your profile as well.

By engaging with other Instagram users, you ensure that you use the app to its fullest and broaden your social circle.

  1. Post Content Daily

To grow on Instagram, you need to be as active as possible. Posting every day and at the right time not only keeps your followers engaged but also keeps your profile fresh.

The best way to do this is to make a posting schedule for the week and keep following it so that you don’t run out of fresh ideas. All you have to do is to be consistent.

  1. Make More Stories

It seems as if the best way possible to get your followers’ attention in 2021 is to post as many interactive stories as you can.

Your posts may get lost and scattered in your followers’ feed but stories are a way to land yourself on the top. Interactive stories with flashy Instagram stickers and polls are a colorful way to keep your audience hooked to your content.

  1. Incorporate Hashtags

Like in recent years, hashtags still play a major role in Instagram’s algorithm. Using similar hashtags to your feed gives you a better chance to land your post in the explore section as people follow a major number of hashtags as well.

Another particular trend that has been going on recently is using hashtags and location tags in the stories. By putting the location tag in your stories, your account has a better chance of reaching the audience living in that same location.

  1. Create Engaging Content

If you are not creating content that will keep your audience hooked and coming back for more, you may benefit from these tips and tricks for a while but eventually, the quality of content is all that matters.

Engaging in microblogging and posting a caption that tells a story or asks a question is a compelling way to get the comments pouring on your post. Remember that your goal is to make the audience spend more time on your feed and to talk about it.

Creating thought-provoking content comes in real handy to get more engagement and get the conversation flowing.

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