Internet In Fits Over Shoaib Akhtar’s Female Lookalike On TikTok

Could there be another Shoaib Akhtar out there? No, the answer is no. But nature has a fun way to portray things, and now people are going crazy over a girl who looks just like Shoaib Akhtar.

Vinita Khilnani, the woman behind Secular Soulmates and Boomers, recently made videos showing how parents used to take pictures when social media was nothing more than an afterthought.


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This girl’s “desi spin” about how parents used to take pictures is all the rage on social media.

Here’s the “Couple’s Version”:

These videos hit the social network like rapid fire, and people began to notice a rather interesting detail.

Netizens on Instagram were quick on the uptick as well, voicing their approval of the comparison.

A few even made some interesting claims about the comparison.

The trend is picking up traction and might get hits by the end of the day. For the time being, here are a few close-ups to keep you busy:



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