KIM – A Masterstroke by KIA

Ever since Korean automobile giant KIA has tapped into the Pakistani market, it has received a roaring feedback from the clientele, who have applauded the technologically-advanced vehicles that the manufacturer is bringing into the country.

Now, along with the recent launch of KIA Sorento, the automobile icon has added another feather to its cap, with the launch of KIM. An abbreviation of KIA Intelligent Messenger, KIM by KIA Motors has become Pakistan’s first automotive digital expert.

With 176 million cellular subscribers in Pakistan and 40% – 45% WhatsApp users, KIA wants to expand its digital customer service and drive customer engagement to a level where they can easily disseminate information in an efficient and innovative manner.

KIM offers several different features including learning about the new Sorento launch, downloading brochures, finding the nearest dealership locator, online car bookings, and warranty checks.

With KIM’s launch, KIA Motors yet again proved that they are truly a leading customer-centric automotive brand, making the purchase journey of a car, which generally is a very extensive and stressful process, quite straightforward and simple.

In an ever-changing digital world, KIA has established that they are ahead of the curve, as KIM’s assistance is available around the clock and any interested party can access the latest information at their convenience with the tap of a fingertip.

With the launch of KIA Sorento and the digital assistant KIM, KIA Motors has left car enthusiasts from across the country super excited. It is safe to say that introducing KIM around the same time as they launched Sorento was a strategic masterstroke, and truly something one could expect from an innovative legend like KIA.

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