Study Reveals Coronavirus Patients Can Go Bald

A study, published in the medical journal ‘The Lancet’ has identified hair loss as a long-term symptom of COVID-19, with women at a greater risk for it.

According to the details, almost a quarter of coronavirus patients have suffered hair loss within the first six months of being infected.

Between 7 January and 29 May 2020, the researchers had studied 1,655 subjects discharged from the Jin Yan-Tan Hospital in Wuhan, China after they had been treated for COVID-19.


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The findings revealed that 359 had reported hair loss among other side effects including fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, and joint pain.

The researchers concluded that 63 percent of the patients had suffered from fatigue or muscle weakness, 26 percent had trouble sleeping, 23 percent had experienced anxiety and depression, and 22 percent had reported hair fall.


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The researchers said that the long-term health-related issues of coronavirus remain ‘largely unclear’.

Besides, doctors believe that hair loss can be linked to telogen effluvium — a temporary condition that involves an extreme loss of hair after a stressful life event.

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