BOE Shows Off a Two-Way Folding Phone [Video]

Chinese display maker BOE recently dethroned Samsung to become the biggest display maker in the world. BOE’s immense growth was credited to its innovative displays among other things. Keeping up with its reputation, the company has now unveiled the world’s first foldable display that folds 360 degrees.

BOE’s latest display is already being mass-produced. It surpasses the current limitation of foldable display technology which only folds in one direction. This new type of display is able to bend 360 degrees around the hinge and close inwards as well as outwards.

The way it works is that it adopts a multi-neutral layer model design which reduces the stress on the display while being folded inwards or outwards. This also allows it to reduce the on-screen crease caused by the folds.

According to BOE, this display can be folded 200,000 times before causing any trouble. Check out the video below to see it in action.

As mentioned earlier, the company has already started mass-producing the 360-degree folding display and is supplying it to first-tier domestic smartphone manufacturers. Other than the 360-degree display, BOE has also deployed the rollable display technology.

Since these new foldable displays are already being mass-produced, we expect them to be shipped to different phone makers later this year.

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