Here’s Why Wearing PPE is Dangerous for Health

Researchers at the Welsh Surgical Research Initiative and Neurovascular Research Laboratory have claimed that personal protective equipment (PPE) can cause the wearer to fall ill.

Over the course of the small-scale study, all of the 8 Welsh researchers who volunteered for the research complained about breathing difficulties after donning full-body PPE.


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According to the study, the air re-breathed within the PPE mask after two hours contains 7.8% carbon dioxide, which is 260 times more than atmospheric levels of 0.03%.

As a result, the volunteers experienced a decrease in oxygen and an increase in carbon dioxide levels in the blood.

The increased carbon dioxide in the re-breathed air also caused fluctuations in brain blood flow, shortness of breath, sweating, dizziness, nausea, mental impairment, fatigue, and headache among the volunteers.

Dr. Wyn Lewis of University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff has said the recent study corroborates previous reports by healthcare practitioners about the difficulty in breathing, headache, and mental impairment while wearing the full protective suit that includes a high-quality mask, face shield, and gloves.

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