AMD Announces RX 6700 XT to Compete With Nvidia’s RTX 3070 At a Lower Price

AMD has just announced the most affordable graphics card in its RX 6000 family of GPUs. The 6700 XT has become official with the same RDNA2 architecture but costs only $479. This price point means it undercuts Nvidia’s RTX 3070 while being a bit more expensive than the RTX 3060 Ti.

The 6700 XT is a smaller GPU than the rest in the series with 40 compute units, 64 ROPs, 160 texture units, and 2560 stream processors. One of its highlights is its aggressive clock speed of 2424MHz which AMD likes to call “Game Frequency”. This translates into a compute performance of 12.41 TFLOPs, which is quite close to the $100 higher priced RX 6800.

Here is how the RX 6700 XT compares to the rest in the series.

Credit: GSMarena

It has a total memory of 12GB GDDR6 of unknown speed, but it is paired with a 192-bit memory interface and up to 384GB/s of bandwidth. The infinity cache size has been reduced to 96MB on this GPU.

The RX 6700 XT was also shown handily beating $399 RTX 3060 Ti and trading blows with the $499 RTX 3070 in the company’s own benchmarks. Though we would advise taking them with a grain of salt until third-party benchmarks arrive.

In terms of I/O, the card has three DisplayPort 1.4 ports with DSC, a single HDMI 2.1 port and it requires a standard 8+6 pins of power. The card’s board power is 230W.

Though it may edge out Nvidia’s offerings at the same price point, it is worth mentioning that AMD GPUs still lack the ray tracing performance found on team green. The company was also careful enough to not show any ray tracing-related benchmarks. The company has also failed to give its customers an alternative to Nvidia’s DLSS technology, which boosts framerates in supported games considerably with almost no loss in image quality.

AMD has promised its own alternative called FidelityFX which is due to arrive later this year, however, we don’t know if its performance gains will match Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0.

The RX 6700 XT goes on sale on March 18 for $479. AMD will be launching its own reference cards alongside board partners like MSI, Asus, ASRock, and others to mitigate stock issues but it is highly unlikely to be available due to the disproportionately high demand for GPUs.

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