Twitter is Testing”Undo Tweet”, May be Limited to Paid Users

There has been evidence of Twitter testing an “undo tweet” feature time and time again, but the latest report suggests that it might be limited to paid users. This is because Jane Manchun Wong, who usually spots updates before the release, has spotted a subscription screen tied to the feature.

The “undo tweet” feature has previously appeared in a survey that asked people what feature they would be willing to pay for. It had also appeared in the code for the Twitter app and CNET has confirmed in the past that the feature is being worked on.

This should give you the ability to take back a tweet for a short time after sending it in case you accidentally press send or change your mind about it. The tweet below from Jane shows how it works.

It works the same way as Gmail’s “undo send” button where the app waits a few seconds before actually sending your email.

It is worth mentioning that Twitter has not said anything about the feature being limited to paid users. This means that it is possible that the decision has not been made yet.

A “save yourself from trouble” button would prove to be useful for many and we hope that Twitter does not decide to make it a paid feature. Stay tuned for updates.

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