FDE Declares Saturday a Working Day for Non-Teaching Staff

The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has instructed the non-teaching staff of educational institutions to show up for work on Saturdays as well as on weekdays.

According to the details, while schools and colleges have been closed from 15 March for two weeks to control the spread of the coronavirus with only students and teachers permitted to stay at home and avail the spring break, the non-teaching staff, including the administration workers, lab technicians, gardeners, and guards, are to come to campus every day of the week except for Sunday.


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Although Saturday is officially a day off for government employees, the FDE has decided to contradict it.

“It is very surprising to see the non-teaching employees of schools and colleges on duty on Saturdays when all other government employees stay away from work. It is a misstep on part of the FDE,” a college clerk said.

Additionally, transport services have been suspended on Saturdays and the non-teaching employees also have commuting issues to deal with.


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“We, the non-teaching employees, feel really discriminated against. We’re not opposed to coming to work even on Sundays if it is meant to help address the learning losses of students, but when the students and teachers are away, forcing us into doing so is unjust and makes no sense,” a college lab assistant said.

A representative of the Federal Government College Teachers Association said that until the campuses open for face-to-face classes, the non-teaching staff of the federal capital should also have the weekends off.

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