PCB Extends Deadline for Club Registration

With two days remaining for the registration of clubs, and owing to an encouraging response from their owners, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has extended the deadline for registrations from Thursday, 8 April to Saturday, 10 April.

Since the beginning of the two-week online registration process on 10 March, the PCB has received over 1,362 applications that are currently being reviewed. In the next phase, the selected presidents of the clubs will receive a link via their registered email addresses through which they will be able to submit more details about the memberships and players’ categories.


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The decision to extend the deadline was based on numerous requests by the owners of clubs who are in the process of fulfilling the requirements.

Additionally, the PCB has received 862 applications online within the last four days, which has been attributed to the meetings of the PCB officials with the delegations from clubs in different parts of Pakistan in which the owners of the clubs sought clarity and explanations for the first registration process and some articles of the model constitution.

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