As a growing business, Salsoft Technologies Pvt (Ltd) has been keen on investing in a leadership-driven culture where the youth is trusted to bring their fresh perspectives to the table and get the opportunity to work with senior management.

Over the years, Salsoft has been actively working on building a culture that supports diversity and collaborative spirit. They have various programs that give candidates a remarkable kickstart on their professional journeys with the help of structured learning, excellent mentorship, and constructive feedback.

“The ultimate aim of bringing the youth to the forefront is to solidify a sustainable growth plan for the company and help the young talent of Pakistan power through their career through us,” shared Atif Iqbal, Head of Human Resources at Salsoft Technologies. “We want to bridge the gap between business and people and make a positive impact in our society,” he added.

When businesses all across the globe were rocked to their cores due to the coronavirus outbreak, Salsoft Technologies took immediate action and laid down a flexible set of rules ensuring the safety of all working bodies. Upon asking the major effects that the pandemic had on Salsoft, Mr. Atif replied:

“Covid-19 is probably the biggest challenge the whole world is currently facing. However, in the past year, we’ve learned to turn our challenges into opportunities. We’ve learned to face these challenges as a family and now we are ready for any type of obstacle. If we talk about if the workplace has changed, it certainly has.”

“In the beginning, when each of us had to work from home, there were indeed some hiccups that came to surface. Being a tech organization, we work in volumes; different teams had to work together on a project and it was quite a challenge to do that as we were not working in person. But I must say kudos to the whole family of Salsoft, because we’ve adapted to the new normal and are moving forward steadfastly,” Atif added.

He further said that it was of utmost importance to have all the employees and management on the same page and help them stay motivated through those tough times. By conducting weekly motivational sessions and implementing a versatile working schedule, Salsoft Technologies was successful in bulldozing past the roadblocks and building an efficient working environment.

Responding to our question about the most common challenges he faces while acquiring talent in Pakistan, Atif said:

“Frankly, we need to work hard for future generations in terms of education. Just because of little to no awareness about the scope of the IT industry, most people are afraid to venture out and explore. This is where we lack and this is the reason why are we still way behind any developed country.”

He added that our educational institutions play a big part in letting the youth explore their skills and experiment with their interests. Unfortunately, he said, with our institutions focusing more on the traditional ways of schooling and teaching, our youth struggles to pinpoint the type of job they are fit for and can pursue for their future.

The rest of our interview with Atif Iqbal went as follows:

Are our institutions not producing enough skilled and job-ready tech grads?

Sadly, they aren’t. The graduates we are getting are not used to the practical world; they are more comfortable with the theories. The different diplomas and short courses provided by Tech institutions are far more productive than the graduate courses, as they are close to reality and practicality.

The reason behind the lack of tech grads is the huge disconnection between the industry and academia. Hence, we all need to work together to bridge that gap.

What is the one standout quality of Salsoft employees?

For me, the one thing that distinguishes Salsoft employees is their ability to take initiative. Whenever we are faced with challenges, our teams dive headfirst into situations and tackle them with unrivaled determination.

The key factor that encourages our employees to stay one step ahead is our working culture. We put our employees as our first and foremost priority. People come here with different perspectives and we give them a platform to do, make mistakes, learn from them and polish their skills.

Through rigorous training and exposure in leadership, team management operations, and business analytics, our mantra is to let individuals grow to their maximum potentials.

What’s Salsoft’s unique employee value proposition?

The employees at the company are given various emotional and skill-based training sessions that aim to augment their growth along with a market competitive salary. This allows them to further polish their skillsets and establish them well in the IT industry. This culture of creativity and innovation boosts their ability to work more efficiently and assists them in their professional growth.

If you look at the number of people who are a part of our organization for many years now, you’ll know that this retention has been made possible by enabling a sustainable environment where there’s an ease to work and grow.

Another important thing is the employees’ growth. In the past, it can be seen that the people who started with us as junior executives have achieved managerial positions. This promise of growth is the value proposition we are giving to our people.

How important is the digitization of HR processes?

The digitization of HR functions is the key to growth for any organization. The complete digitization of any processes lessens the possibility of errors, and that is why there will be fewer chances of bias in the processes of HR, resulting in the growth of the organization.

What does the local job market currently look like for IT entrants?

IT industry is growing rapidly and it’s opening avenues not only in terms of business offerings but as a great career choice for people. A right blend of decent remuneration and steady career growth is the successful formula for people who carry an innovative and right business acumen. Currently, IT companies are looking for a new talent pool with a fresh perspective on business strategies. If anyone wants to start his or her career in IT, this is a perfect time.

How can IT graduates enhance their employability?

The answer is constant learning. As everything is evolving with time, we must too, if we don’t want to be left behind. I also want to encourage other people who are somewhat related to this industry to learn new skills and take more training programs to improve their employability in this increasingly digital age.

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