The nation celebrated Pakistan Day today with a military parade showcasing a range of weaponry, tanks, jets, drones, and other hardware.

What’s even more beautiful to see is the fervent displays of Turkish and Chinese pilots who demonstrated aerial maneuvers with excellent aerobatics for audiences. Troops from Azerbaijan, China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey also featured.


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Here’s how it all went down in pictures:

The three wings of the armed forces displayed their professionalism and military prowess at the spectacular Pakistan Day Military Parade held at the Parade Avenue in Islamabad today.

The ceremony started with the fly past of fighter jets of Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy led by Air Chief Zaheer Ahmad Babar Sidhu presenting salute to the chief guest President Arif Alvi.

Formations of fighter jets including F-16, JF 17, Mirage, AWACs. C-130 and P-3C Orion participated in the fly past.

Contingents of Pakistan Army, Navy, Pakistan Air Force, Special Services Groups, Frontier Corps, Rangers, Islamabad police, Frontier Constabulary, Airport Security Force and Boys Scouts marched past the dais presenting salute to the chief guest.

Founder of Khana Ghar, providing food to people in just Rs. 3 is also in attendance:

The indestructible SSG commandos made their adrenaline-rushed appearance, as always:

Some high-end military equipment was also showcased, particularly the GIDS Shahpar II surveillance drone.

A little “treat” for our notorious neighbors on the side:

Renowned Turkish Air Force team Solo Turk also showcased their skills:

A Turkish band also performed at the Parade Ground, with notable tributes to Pakistan and Ertugrul being their most impressive features:

Tribute to Pakistan’s first lady to join bomb disposal squad.

Here’s the still you’ve been waiting for:

President Arif Alvi made a rather Elizabethan entry when he arrived for the event, but protocol is protocol:

The President later visited an enclosure and met with those personalities who have made outstanding contributions in different fields.

“This is the real Aurat March”, according to some:

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