The Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training, Shafqat Mahmood, has announced that the Cambridge International Examinations have agreed to reschedule O Level exams after May 15.

Mahmood made the announcement on Twitter saying that the decision was made after a detailed deliberation with officials of the relevant bodies. Cambridge will share the details later.

“However, ‘A’ and ‘As’ level examinations will go as planned under strict standard operating procedures (SOPs),” the minister said, wishing everyone success in the exams.


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In a press talk on Wednesday, Mahmood had hinted at the possibility of postponement of the O and A Level exams slated for the May/June session.

In his previous tweet, Mahmood had sent a message to those students who have been sending him messages and writing emails that he is in constant contact with Cambridge authorities.

The discussion to reschedule most, if not all, exams after May 15 are being held. We should know more tomorrow.


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Prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19’s new variant, the minister had vowed to conduct Cambridge exams and intermediate and matriculation exams as per schedule this year.

He had announced that exams for grades 10, 11, and 12 would be held this year in May and June.

“Our children are giving [inter and matric] exams under the Pakistani boards, hence the same [rule] will also apply for children giving exams for other boards,” he said, referring to O level and A level students.

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