Acer and Asus Are Increasing Laptop Prices in Coming Months

Acer and Asus, two of the biggest laptop makers in the world, have enjoyed the benefits of the COVID-19 pandemic. They managed to raise their shipments over the past year, but they may be forced to raise laptop prices now due to a shortage of supply and ever-growing demand.

The news report comes from UDN, which claims that a rise in price may occur due to the global chip supply shortage. This shortage has been disrupting the computer hardware market already and it may cause companies like Acer and Asus to raise notebook prices later this year.

The supply gap is still large, but a price increase would benefit both companies in the wake of rising demand.

This also implies that the wave of price hikes caused by the chip shortage may affect other end products as well. It may only be laptops for now, but we might see a rise in price for smartphones, tablets, EVs (electric vehicles), and other electronic products in the near future.

We can only hope that the severe supply shortage would end before any of that happens. Tech giants are promising improvements around Q3 this year, but only time will tell how the situation turns out.

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