Rawalpindi police have arrested a man named Sher Aslam over his involvement in the illegal act of aerial firing.

Aslam, a residence of Saddar, Rawalpindi, uploaded his video of aerial firing on Facebook earlier this week. He was arrested on March 26 after his video went viral on social media and came under Saddar Police’s notice.

His arrest was notified in a video posted by Rawalpindi Police’s official Facebook page.


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The video shows Sher Aslam firing bullets in the air while reciting a sleazy couplet in a local language. The other part of the video shows him in police custody, appealing to fellow youngsters not to indulge in illegal acts, such as aerial firing.

Note that the Rawalpindi police have sped up the process of identification of culprits involved in filming aerial firing videos and sharing them on social media.


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On March 14, the city police arrested two individuals who fired guns in the air at a wedding function, killing the groom’s father and injuring two others.

The Kahuta police arrested Taimur Khan and Faheem Mustafa for aerial firing at the Mehndi function of a man named Sajjad whose father, Azhar Mehmood, lost his life, while his aunt, Sonia Shehzadi, and a 14-year-old Saim Wahid, who had come to attend the wedding, sustained injuries.

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