Google Chrome Gets A Big Update

Last month, Google announced that in order to improve browser privacy and to prevent third-party applications from spying on your browser habits, it would default to HTTPS starting with version 90. Just a few weeks after the announcement, the company has rolled out the updated v90 edition of Chrome for desktops and Android. The new Chrome browser also provides improved loading speed of sites that support it.

Chrome 90 is also equipped with a built-in AV1 encoder that is specifically optimized for video conferencing.


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As compared to previous versions, this will improve streaming on very low bandwidth networks as well as the screen sharing efficiency. All-in-all it will help with better compression efficiency, allowing for less bandwidth usage and better visual quality.

In addition to this, the updated browser enables more realistic lighting estimations for AR and VR environments and a slew of CSS improvements and tweaks. It also comes with many developer-focused features such as an advanced method for capturing a MediaStream video, adding certain elements to videos on the fly, like subtitles, transcriptions, background blurring or removal, and voice and video effects.


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To install the new update, restart the browser. If you are facing any issue, you can go to the browser’s About page under Settings and select Help to force an update.

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