Hyundai’s Upcoming Electric Car Can Power Your House During Loadshedding

In the current era of rapid technological advancements, the makers of electric vehicles (EVs) are always looking for ways to make their products appeal more to potential buyers by maximizing the utility and novelty factors of their vehicles.

The latest example of this is Hyundai’s Ioniq 5. One of its commercials shows a group of happy and energetic individuals on a camping trip enjoying activities like working out, cooking meals, and watching TV, with all their electronic appliances connected to the Ioniq 5.

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The commercial demonstrates how the Ioniq 5 can supply 3.5 kW of power to run appliances like a refrigerator, a stove, and even a treadmill to do cardio in nature. If you flip the idea on its head, you can use this car to power your house temporarily which will prove useful in emergency situations.

With this message, Hyundai aims to seek the attention of a younger demographic while trying to catch up with the EV pioneers like Tesla and the Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG), among others.


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Hyundai claims to be the first major automaker in the EV arena to offer both power consumption and power supply features in an EV. However, other automakers like General Motors, Rivian, and Tesla are also planning to include the same feature in their upcoming EV’s.

Hyundai also highlights that while other EVs can lose their power quickly if connected to a large device other than a phone or a laptop, the Ioniq 5 has the option to install a solar-panel roof to energize the battery pack that will not only lower power consumption but will add about 1,300 km to the car’s range.

Pakistanis often argue that such developments are of no relevance to our market, but bear in mind that the normalization of EVs across the globe is inevitable, which is why Pakistan’s goal should be to promote EVs in a positive light to facilitate a paradigm shift in Pakistan’s growing automotive market.

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