Xiaomi Acknowledges Redmi Note 10 Has Display Problems

Much like its predecessors, the Redmi Note 10 has been a great success in all markets across the globe. The value champion racked up millions of sales in a short amount of time and keeps going out of stock almost everywhere.

However, the phone appears to be plagued with display issues as several users have reported problems such as ghost touches as well as screen flickering. Xiaomi India has acknowledged the issue and has said that they are working on a quick fix.


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In the company’s official statement, Xiaomi stated that the brand will continue to pursue excellence and customer satisfaction at all times.

An inquiry is being carried out to find out why some customers, though very few, are facing display issues with the Redmi Note 10. The company says that it is looking into the matter critically and apologizes for the inconvenience.


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As mentioned before, several users reported that they were facing issues with ghost touches, screen flickering, but the main issue appeared to be the screen becoming unresponsive. Some users observed that the issues would become more visible in dark mode.

There is no confirmation on when these issues will be fixed, but we will update this space as soon as there is official news.

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