4-Year-Old Areesh Aces the Microsoft Certified Professional Exam

Areesh Fatima, a child prodigy from Karachi, has become a Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of just 4.5 years. The achievement brings her into the league of the Pakistanis who aced the MCP certification at incredibly young ages.

The Microsoft Certified Professional exam, which is usually taken by adults to show they are keeping pace with today’s technical roles and requirements, was taken by little Areesh who managed to pass it with astounding results.

The minimum score required to clear this exam is 700 whereas Areesh managed to score an amazing margin of 831 points on the exam.

Areesh is a smart kid with a special ability to memorize things in one look. Her parents find her keen observance and her attention to detail praiseworthy at such a young age. With such a brilliant memory as hers, Areesh plans on memorizing the Holy Quran by the age of 6.

Realizing her ability and curiosity to learn new things via the internet, Areesh’s parents were quick to observe her interest in computers from a young age. Being an IT specialist himself, her father sought to direct Areesh’s curiosity towards the grooming of her computer skills.

While working from home during the pandemic, Areesh’s father, Usama, made sure to transfer his skills in IT to her daughter slowly but steadily.

Quick to grasp all the technicalities of computers, Areesh was soon beginning to learn how to create and manage documents in Microsoft Word, format texts and sections, and create tables and insert graphic elements in a file.

The Microsoft Office technical certifications, one of which Areesh took, equip the candidates to be familiar with basic MS Office Suite features which allows them to be able to demonstrate their skills in different applications of MS Office, including creating and managing large word documents, creating tables, reports and charts and adding references.

Areesh’s keen interest and early exposure to computers paired with the right guidance from her parents paved the path for her to achieve this major milestone.

It is quite early to say what the future has in store for her, but Areesh’s set of skills and her hunger for knowledge about computers definitely forecasts a bright perspective of her achievements to come.

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