Best New-Arrival Unstitched Ladies Clothes At An Affordable Price In Pakistan

The first thing that all Pakistani women rush for in the summer season is affordable and comfortable clothing. There are plenty of options that women can choose from such as purchasing unstitched lawn suits and pret kurtis from well-known brand outlets or get unstitched clothes from the local market or lastly get online lawn dresses.  

This article is an insight into all the important details one should know to get their hands on the new arrival unstitched ladies’ fabric at a reasonable price.

Easy Accessibility from

Price variations

Dresses bought from branded outlets are sold at a fixed price and seem to be on the higher side. This is because leading brands provide their customers with fine quality fabric every time along with impeccable prints.

Whereas, unstitched clothes bought from the local market are usually available at a relatively lower price and you may also benefit from some bargaining to avail reduced price.

However, when Pakistani clothes for women are purchased from online stores, they can avail zero delivery charges and “welcome discounts” in some cases.

Brand copies

With the recent trend of expensive designer lawn printed suits, some ladies resort to buying copies of those articles from their nearest local market at a cheaper price. The whole idea is to save money instead of buying the article at a higher price that looks like the original one.

These printed copies of 3 piece lawn suits are readily available with little variation in designs and material, so much so that it has become a source of business for many at great convenience.

Transform your lawn into designer wear clothing

Belts for the chic look

Wrapping a belt around your waist and sliding in your dupatta from one side, above the shoulder is the hottest trend. This style is being featured the most in magazine shoots, fashion ramps, and wedding events with solid dyed plain shirts and pants instead of the regular printed ones we see around us.

You may also transform your ladies’ summer dresses into chic ones by styling them in this particular way. Don’t forget to add some sparkly dangling laces on the dupatta for it to be the star of the show.

Loops and Laces

You can add some fancy details to the solid plain summer lawn collection with some laces and loops on the sleeves, borders and necklines. Organza patchworks are still in trend and we can’t just get over them as they add a whole new life to your entire outfit.

You can take your outfit a step ahead by adding some of these glamorous laces and a few fancy-looking buttons, patchwork on the neckline or border, and walk with great style.

Eid dresses online shopping

Several leading designers and brands have now started this viral trend of showcasing their most stylish “luxury collection” for Eid celebrations. Therefore, Eid dresses online shopping is more like a virtual event for the ladies, where they have to place orders in a minimum time before their favorite article runs out due to its high demand.

However, some women prefer other fabrics such as chiffon, cotton, and jacquard, cotton net, and so forth; hence you can purchase any material of your choice.

As Eid falls in the summer season every year, all designers and brands ensure to provide the customers with the facility of eid shopping online.

Stitched Vs. Unstitched

There are always ongoing and unresolved arguments amongst women, about stitched or unstitched shirts being a better choice in terms of quality and price.

Some women prefer purchasing unstitched dresses online, and many like to just pick up their favorite stitched shirts and pants from the store conveniently. With unstitched fabric, you have the liberty to design the outfit by your own choice. You can skip or add many elements to your outfit.

However, with stitched shirts, it usually is tricky to get matching pants or dupattas, but are a little pricey as they are inclusive of stitching and fabric cost, etc. The plus point with pret collection is that it’s more convenient to simply grab your favorite dress from the store and put it on to your workplace or event waiting for your tailor to return your clothes on time.

Another added benefit with stitched garments is that lawn dresses online shopping becomes easier as you already know your desired size; you simply have got to place an order on the website and pay for the package. Thus, no need to step out in the scorching heat anymore.

Minimal designs Vs. Prints

A lot of focus is now being placed on designer unstitched suit design which has bold patterns and prints and on the other hand, several famous brands are now marketing their minimal printed clothes for sophistication.

But what’s missing is the “everyday casual clothing” that all these brands have missed out in these couple of years. The lawn frenzy is now all about heavy prints, and making it look gaudier and more formal.

Therefore if any future textile designer in the making happens to read this, we beg you to design an everyday wear collection that is affordable and comfortable.


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