Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Have Soft Drinks During Iftar

Medical experts have advised citizens against the use of soft drinks at iftar. They suggest that after hours of fasting, carbonated drinks affect kidney functions and cause organ failure.

Speaking at a private channel, experts suggested homemade fresh juices as an alternative to soft drinks, as fresh juices are easily absorbed during digestion.

Home-made drinks like lemonade, milk soda, and others are more efficient in combating thirst as compared to soft drinks.


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According to them, the use of fizzy drinks at iftar may also lead to several diseases including, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, dehydration, renal problems, and even cancer.

People should drink cold water rather than soft drinks as the water get easily consumed by a stomach rather than a soft drink.

A kidney expert, Dr. Javed Ikraam, also advised kidney transplant patients not to observe fasting as they need to take their prescribed medication dosages on time. Therefore, kidney transplant patients should consult their physician before fasting.

Patients with kidney disease must consult their physician in order to ensure adequate protection against potential complications while fasting. Kidney disease patients tend to overlook the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet while fasting.


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Dr. Sana Basit, another expert, suggested that kidney patients must take suhoor (pre-dawn meals) to avoid body weakness. She emphasized that such people need more calories than healthy people.

The expert also highlighted that patients should avoid using high quantities of sodium, potassium, and phosphorus, especially during Ramadan.

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