Optimize Your Online Gaming Experience With Free Extra Internet Speed

High ping response and lag are two pain points for any gamer across the globe. While you are completely involved during your online gaming experience with full passion, a little latency issue can get you killed.

Nayatel Optimus resolves issues of high ping, lag, and lower speeds while playing online games. Get the ultimate gaming experience without compromising your timely reflex and precise response to prove your mettle in the online gaming arena.

Optimus gives you the choice to select eastern or western zone servers based upon the ping response before the start of the game by logging into Nayatel Customer Portal.

This service not only levels up your gaming experience, but also offers free Internet Extra Speed Up service @200Mbps, once a month from 3AM to 9AM.

Be at the top of your game and conquer the online competition with Optimus; from battling it out on Counter-Strike or Call of Duty to surviving in PUBG or Fortnite, over a stable internet connection with reduced ping spikes.

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