Huawei AppGallery Gets Bigger and Better with New Apps

Huawei AppGallery, an official and exclusive app marketplace from the global technology giant, has been further enriched with several new apps featuring some high-valued functions and services for the customers. Huawei has managed to set up and continually grow its own AppGallery to help consumers access and enjoy the largest collection of innovative mobile applications offered by developers from across the world.

Some of the new applications introduced by Huawei AppGallery include: Easy Urdu Keyboard by PDMS; Offline Urdu-English Roman Dictionary – helps users learn English speaking with narrations in Urdu for accurate pronunciation and accent; – an on-demand, HD, live-streaming platform featuring a multitude of TV channels to watch sports, news, and entertainment; SAMAA TV News app – now available in both Urdu & English in the same download, and TAPMAD – another leading platform in Pakistan for on-demand video streaming of 80 + live high-quality local and international channels.

The latest smartphones and telecommunication devices come pre-installed with the Huawei AppGallery, which has revolutionized the way people connect and access the latest infotainment. It has a constantly growing list of apps, which the users can simply browse, download and enjoy, whenever they need. Some high-end Huawei devices also come pre-installed with ‘Petal Search’ that brings more than a million apps straight to your phone.

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