Xiaomi Black Shark 4 is The Only Gaming Phone to Pass a Durability Test [Video]

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2021 has been a rough year for gaming smartphones when it comes to durability. The Asus Rog Phone 5 and Legion Duel 2 snapped in half at JerryRigEverything’s renowned durability test, but Xiaomi’s Black Shark 4 is here to change the game.


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The Black Shark 4, the cheapest phone in the competition, has aced the YouTuber’s durability test. The gaming smartphone survived through thick and thin of the test and came out with barely any damage.

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The most notable, of course, was the bend test where the other gaming phones failed miserably. The Black Shark 4, on the other hand, almost held its shape like a brick, only showing a slight flex once the pressure was applied. The results were the same whether it was bent from the front or back.

Another important mention would be the magnetic shoulder buttons that can be raised on demand. These buttons can take on some light hammering and can function properly even when rapidly turned on and off for a while. They are housed in a metal frame, which naturally makes them more resilient.

The YouTuber also took apart the cooling fan that comes with the phone to uncover some interesting details. The rest, however, was nothing out of the ordinary.

Do check out the video above for more.

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