Computer Chip Shortage Likely to Impact Vehicle Production in Pakistan

The production lines of several automakers around the world have reportedly stalled across the globe due to a shortage of semiconductor chips.

As a lot of new cars possess a myriad of technical features that rely heavily on these computer chips to function properly, However, due to the shortage, the production lines have been halted by several automakers including Toyota, the Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG), Ford, the Stellantis Group, Honda, and the Jaguar Land Rover Group.

Many reports that highlighted the acuteness of the problem also revealed that the shortage could last for almost an entire year.


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This development has made it necessary for automakers to switch to overdrive mode and make significant changes in their production routines. Numerous new carmakers are going to revert to analog Head Unit Displays (HUDs) to keep up the production of their vehicles.

Furthermore, a report by the Washington Post highlighted that the production figures of the vehicles might go down by 1.5 million or five million this year as opposed to expectations.

This is a matter of great concern for automakers as the pandemic has already resulted in huge losses for them. The compound effect of the hit coupled with the shortage has been keeping automakers worried about their futures.

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