Japan Wants to Offer Jobs to Pakistani Students

The Japanese Embassy in Islamabad wants to collaborate with local universities to offer Japanese language courses to students in a bid to import skilled labor from Pakistan.

The Japanese Ambassador, Matsuda Kuninori, said, “We [the embassy] want to promote the education of Japanese language here mostly to benefit the Pakistanis wanted to go to Japan for employment and therefore, I visited some universities and wanted to visit more, especially those in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta, but the current coronavirus crisis impeded the plan. As soon as the things return to normal, we will ensure the speedy work on the proposed Japanese language courses”.


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The ambassador revealed that the embassy wants to bring Japanese language teachers who can work together with Pakistani teachers.

Besides, the envoy said that the country also aims to collaborate on the academic front with Pakistani universities, and this could ultimately help Pakistanis get employment in Japan.

Kuninori added that Pakistani skilled workers can avail themselves of opportunities in Japan’s engineering and IT sectors.

Meanwhile, he lauded Pakistan for successfully countering terrorism over the years.


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“Pakistan is no more a dangerous place to travel, so I see tourist and business arrivals from Japan go up in the next few years,” he said.

The envoy said that Japan would ease travel guidelines for Pakistan. “We will downgrade Pakistan in terms of security threat,” he added.

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