Pakistan Develops its First-ever RSW Fishing Boat

Pakistan’s fisheries sector has made landmark progress in recent times, especially with the development of the country’s first-ever high-end refrigerated seawater (RSW) fishing boat.

Built by the award-winning engineer from Parachinar, Dr. Zahid Ayub, the new technology was unveiled in his presentation to the President of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), Dr. Iftikhar Ali Malik.

The other honorees at the occasion included the Vice President of the FPCCI, Raja Muhammad Anwar, the former President of the FPCCI, Engineer Daroo Khan Achakzai, the President of the Exporters Association, Muslim Khan Banowari, the Founder Secretary-General SAARC, Rehmat Ullah Javed.


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While describing the inner workings of the RSW boat in his presentation, Dr. Zahid Ayub explained that the refrigerator onboard keeps the aquatic yield at zero degrees until the boat arrives at the harbor, thus maintaining the freshness of the fish for longer transits.

To explain the importance of the new technology, Dr. Ayub highlighted the discrepancies that had been caused by outdated technologies that used heavy loads of ice blocks for the cooling process. He stated that this had wasted a lot of space on board the fishing vessel and that the carrying weight was so large that it had increased the fuel consumption of the boat.

He later remarked that the new RSW technology built by his team, which was also co-engineered with Isotherm Inc., will essentially herald a new era for the local fishing sector, and perhaps even challenge the international market if everything works out.


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Officials and engineers appreciated Dr. Ayub after his presentation, lauding his efforts for inspiring progress as per the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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