Pakistan Likely to Have 30-Day Ramadan

This year, Pakistan is likely to have 30 fasting days, while Eid-ul-Fitr 2021 will fall on Friday, May 14.

Head of the Institute of Space Sciences and Technology, Karachi University, Professor Javed Iqbal, told the media that the Shawwal moon is most likely to be sighted on Thursday, May 13.

“The new moon of Shawwal 1442 AH will be born on the night between May 11 and 12 at about 12:01 pm. The sun will set and the age of the moon will be 19 hours and 31 minutes. The time between sunset and moonset will be only 36 minutes.”


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Professor Javed Iqbal explained that it would be nearly impossible to sight the moon from a naked eye on May 12 as it will be about 6.5 degrees from the horizon at sunset.

Based on this forecast, he said that there is a strong possibility that Ramadan will last 30 days and Eid will fall on May 14.

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