Chitral’s Historic Tourist Attraction Falls After 200 Years

After more than 200 years, a historical white mulberry tree in the village of Singoor, Chitral, has fallen to the ground after strong winds lashed the valley over the last few days.

The tree had attained a height of about 100 feet and sprawled over a large area of land due to its natural growth.

A local stated that the tree had been very important in the olden days. It had boosted the food requirement of silk larvae during the winters for silk harvesting in the spring.


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The landmark mulberry tree had withstood floods, become a tourist attraction, and remained a point for social gatherings for the villagers.

Its inadvertent fall has saddened the villagers, many of whom have childhood memories associated with it. For now, they plan to protect the remaining giant mulberry trees in the region owing to their rareness.

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