PNIP to Launch 5G Health Acceleration Program in Collaboration with PITC

Pakistan National Investor Portal (PNIP) announced that it will be launching a 5G Health Acceleration Program (HAP) powered by Pakistan Innovation & Testing Center (PITC), creating the nation’s first 5G healthcare innovation lab.

HAP is a healthcare advancement and commercialization program committed to improving patient care and provider experience. The partnership with PITC will add digital speed and connectivity to an ecosystem working to transform the healthcare industry.

Additionally, it will provide researchers with the ability to create solutions, including connected ambulances, remote patient care, diagnostics, physical therapy, and next-generation medical imaging.

HAP will bring its partners together to help further the development of healthcare solutions powered by 5G and with a “demand-driven innovation” approach to solving the most challenging issues in the healthcare space.

Ultimately HAP will also be able to explore augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) applications for medical training, enable telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, and provide point of care diagnostic and imaging systems.

“As 5G continues to promise enhanced efficiency and improved care services, more hospitals and digital services are teaming up to provide various 5G technologies to health systems,” said Mr. Zahid Ali, Founder & CTO PNIP. “This is why PNIP’s partnering with Jazz & PITC to explore the 5G future of patient care.”

Mr. Zahid Ali has a number of innovations under his belt in the Health Technology space and last week, Techmedo, another one of his recently founded startups, won the Siemens Global Competition on Future of Healthcare in Saudi Arabia.

The 5G medical service will also make specific procedures available at a lower cost. The organizations are currently developing various other medical solutions.

“The healthcare industry is set for a paradigm shift involving remote healthcare capabilities that can ensure affordable, universal, and value-based healthcare to every social strata,” Founder & CEO PNIP Mr. Omer J. Ghani, said in the announcement.


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