Punjab Govt Increases Minimum Wage for Workers


The Government of Punjab has decided to increase workers’ minimum wage by Rs. 2,000, as per sources.

The minimum wage has been increased from Rs. 17,500 to Rs. 19,500, as per the decision of the government, while the daily minimum wage remains Rs. 750.

The Punjab Minimum Wages Board issued a notification on 27 April 2021 in this regard which detailed that the increase is scheduled to go into effect by 1 July this year. Meanwhile, the board has asked the concerned stakeholders for suggestions for objections to the wage increase.


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The Minister for Labour, Ansar Majeed Khan Niazi revealed that his department is providing relief via health, education, and housing services for workers across the province.

He added that “the workers have been given relief of Rs. 4.5 billion per annum, while the industrialists have been given relief of Rs. 5.5 billion in the form of social security fines”, and that quality education is being “provided to 55,000 children of laborers in schools” with standard teaching facilities.

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