Xiaomi and Samsung are Teaming Up to Make Smartphone Chips

According to a recent report by NotebookCheck, Xiaomi and Samsung have partnered to produce new custom silicon. The two firms have already held five meetings regarding the SoC.

The new custom chip will be allegedly based on ARM Cortex X2 cores, even though ARM has yet to announce the Cortex X2. Many chipset manufacturers are already waiting to adopt the new v9 architecture for their flagship SoCs. Qualcomm is one of them.

The report further details that Xiaomi would also seek to continue using ARM Mali GPUs over Samsung and AMD’s combined offerings mainly because of the limitation of the number of units available.


Over the past years, the trend of developing custom chipsets in the Android smartphone market has picked up the pace. Apple has been doing it for years.

However, neither Xiaomi nor Samsung have confirmed any news regarding the new collaboration. Both smartphone manufacturers have declined to comment on the matter. Hence, take this information with a grain of salt. However, since Chinese companies have been showing interest in developing custom chips, there might be some truth to this.

In other news, Google is reportedly working on a custom ‘Whitechapel’ SoC for its upcoming Pixel 6 series, which is expected to launch in Autumn of this year.

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