60-Year Old Mr. Pakistan Sets His Eyes on Mr. Asia Title in India

60-year old bodybuilder, Ustad Abdul Waheed, proved that age is just a number as he was crowned Mr. Pakistan after winning the 2021 Bodybuilding Championship. Waheed, a resident of Lahore, revealed that he has been looking after his fitness since the age of 16, and he will continue to do so even after accomplishing his goal of being crowned Mr. Pakistan.


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“Good health is a gift from God. With Him showering His blessings on me, and with me down here not taking anything for granted and working hard to stay fit, even at 60, I don’t see why I won’t be able to keep winning in bodybuilding competitions even when I am 100 years old,” Waheed said jokingly.

Waheed won the Mr. Punjab title before being crowned as Mr. Pakistan, and he has set his eyes on the Mr. Asia title next. He revealed that the Mr. Asia competition is likely to be held in India sometime next year, and he is gearing up to win the competition and make a name for his country.

Waheed explained that his lifestyle is very expensive, and he has gone through a lot of hardships in maintaining it.


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He revealed, “Our intake mostly includes minced meat, pulses, porridge, milk, yogurt, eggs, salads, and fruits or dried fruits. We break these into six to seven meals a day, with proper gaps for rest and exercise in between.”

Waheed runs his fitness club in Lahore and wants to produce Mr. Pakistan winners for the future. He revealed that he aims to motivate youngsters and move them away from drugs and towards healthy activities.

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