Traders Openly Reject Govt Lockdown

The All Pakistan Anjuman-i-Tajiran (APAT) has blatantly rejected the government’s decision regarding the closure of all the shops and markets from 8 to 17 May.

The extended Eid holidays and lockdowns have been planned by the government to serve as a safety net against a scourge of pandemic-related problems but local businesses have decided to fully oppose the directives.

The General Secretary of the APAT, Naeem Mir, stated,

We reject this announcement as the small traders and shopkeepers are already in great trouble due to limited timings of markets (from 9 am to 6 pm) for five days a week. This is also causing a huge rush of shoppers in the markets, spreading virus fast.


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He has ‘requested’ the government to refrain from harassing traders and to allow them to run their shops until 12 pm on Chand Raat to help reduce traffic during limited hours.

Meanwhile, the government has yet to make a statement regarding this situation.

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