Android Apps are Sharing Data to High Risk Parties 800% More Than iOS

A new study performed by Me2B Alliance shows that Android phones share a lot more data to third parties compared to iPhones.

Android is notoriously known for sharing your data with third parties and it has been shown in numerous reports before. Now the study conducted by Me2B Alliance has proven that Android apps were sharing student data to high-risk third parties nearly 8 times more than iOS devices.

This study took a random sample of 78 smartphone apps from 38 schools. It covers around half a million people including students, families, and educators using these apps. It was discovered that nearly 60% of these school apps were sharing student data with a variety of third parties. Most of this data was going to advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook.

91% of Android apps were sharing data with high-risk third parties compared to only 26% of iOS apps. 20% of Android apps were sending data to very high-risk third parties compared to 2.6% of iOS apps.

This shows why most advertising companies go against iOS so much. iOS always had higher security than Android, but its latest version, the iOS 14.x, requires developers to obtain permission from users before sharing any of their data.

Facebook has been speaking against this change since day one and is now even forcing Instagram and Facebook users on iOS to share their data to keep their apps free.


Facebook and Instagram Warn iPhone Users to Share Personal Data or Face Consequences

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