P&G Takes a Quantum Leap in Promoting Equality and Inclusion to Create Global Impact

P&G, the global consumer goods company, continues to build on its stellar marketing approach on Equality & Inclusion (E&I) with influential content advertisements titled ‘The Incredible Ambassador’ and ‘The Amazing Sales Girl’.

Both the advertisements highlight P&G’s efforts in promoting E&I through its strong workforce in different areas. ‘The Amazing Sales Girl’ stars Zoya, a hearing-impaired salesgirl at Ariel utilizing her unique talents in sign language to communicate with the customers in an effective way.

Coupled with the release of ‘The Incredible Ambassador’, P&G’s breakthrough marketing makes a strong case of social inclusion and diversity with attention-grabbing messages.

According to an estimate, more than 31 million people in Pakistan suffer from some form of disability and fail to participate actively in society pertaining to multiple factors, the most important of which is the social stigma attached to it.

Taking it as their moral duty to play an active role in creating a conducive working environment for People with Disabilities (PwDs), Ariel and Safeguard took the unconventionally bold step of hiring PWDs to empower their presence.

Four talented PwDs were hired by these power brands to make them feel truly included as contributing members of the society.

All of these people were provided with apt capacity-building resources including training in sign language and technological solutions (software + hardware), besides being given the ease of mobility with transport from work to home.

During these times of crisis, people like Zoya, Inam, Rashid, and Fariha tend to have suffered the most being marginalized and historically discriminated to feel vulnerable among the masses. P&G’s initiative paves a path for more organizations with global impact to encourage inclusion in their workforce.

The global workforce at P&G is a perfect blend of people from more than 145 nationalities. Not only does the company uphold the strong values of E&I within the organization, this initiative is a clear indication of P&G’s values driving action outside its walls to win the hearts of its huge customer base globally.

With an aim to understand each other better through respect, inclusion, and diversity, P&G is bringing waves of change by making people’s lives better inside and outside the organization. It continues to invest time, money, and human capital to promote diversity in its workplace.

P&G’s major step in promoting inclusivity could be the game-changer our society needs to function in an improved way where a majority of its workforce can contribute to the society despite their differences.

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