Renowned Religious Scholar Announces Fitra & Fidya Values for 2021

Former Chairman of the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Mufti Munib ur Rehman has determined Fitrah and Fidya at Rs. 140 per head this year on the basis of wheat flour prices.

There is a huge difference in Fitra value as compared to the last year, as it has gone up by Rs. 40. Last year, the fitra value (on wheat prices) was fixed at Rs. 100 per head.


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In a statement on Tuesday, Mufti Munib said fitra has been worked out to Rs. 320 per head as per the price of barley, Rs. 960 as per the price of dates, Rs. 1,920 as per the price of raisin.

Mufti Munib said the real spirit behind the Fitra and Fidya was a two-time meal for a destitute person, which costs around Rs. 150 a day. He urged wealthy people to try and pay more as per their wealth.

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