Uber is Working on an Exclusive EV for Ride Hailing Services

The developed economies around the world have the wherewithal to focus on the betterment of the means of transportation. Several companies are forming mergers and business partnerships to conceive radical solutions for daily traveling.

In a recent development along these lines, Uber has reportedly teamed up with Arrival, a small startup based in Britain, to develop a dedicated Electric Vehicle (EV) for ride-hailing services. Arrival, the company responsible for developing the car, has claimed that it will put the car into production by 2023.


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The British startup highlighted that these vehicles will not only be exclusive to Uber but would also serve as a cheap EV that can be bought and used by any ride-hailing service in the world. Arrival and Uber have shared a few renders of the vehicle’s interior, so as to give the people an idea of what the vehicles could look like.

About the design, the representatives from both companies stated that a final design will be unveiled by the end of 2021. Meanwhile, the companies are also actively seeking out the opinions of the drivers to optimize it for daily use.

The companies have stated that the interior of the vehicle will be designed such that the drivers could stay fresh and relaxed despite having to remain in their cars for long hours. The new EVs shall be able to carry 5 passengers with ease.


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The companies also aim to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment, preserving natural resources, as well as offering convenience to both the service providers and users. Its arrival in 2023 could mean wonderful things for the transport sector around the world

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