Bizarre Investigation of Gold Robbery in Karachi Uncovers Unlikely Suspect

The Karachi Police have reportedly ascertained the person behind the robbery of a shop in Gul Centre located near the Teen Talwar monument after its owner had filed an FIR about it.

Allegedly, armed robbers had broken into the shop and stole three kgs of gold after the owner had gone home before iftar on 3 May. The investigation team had then launched a detailed investigation into the incident.


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Strangely, the findings showed that the owner of the shop, Asif, had staged the robbery himself with his accomplice Waseem, and stashed the gold at a trade center on Chundrigar Road in Karachi.

While the reason behind this unusual act of self-reported thievery is unknown, the owner could easily have lost the gold worth millions if the robbery had been a real one.

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