FIA Busts Gang for Illegal Activation of SIM Cards

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) uncovered the operations of a gang involved in illegally activating SIM cards and has arrested the suspects who had been working for local cellular companies. It has reportedly wrapped up the case.

A spokesperson for the FIA stated that the officers/workers of different cellular companies and the members of a notorious gang involved in the illegal activity were recently arrested in different areas of Faisalabad.


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The investigation revealed that around 500 fake SIM cards, and hundreds of National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) forms, and silicon thumb impressions were recovered from the gang of six. This group had reportedly been operating with close ties with the representatives of big cellular companies who had been providing materials to it in exchange for a shared commission on each ‘transaction’.


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The FIA is currently making efforts to legislate reforms for the monitoring of Pakistan’s cellular backdrop, and Cyber Crime Wing is preparing a legal action suit against the arrested individuals.

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