Google’s New App for Tablets Brings Movies, Games and Books in One Place

Google is finally paying attention to Android for tablets once again as the search engine has released Entertainment Space, a one-stop spot for all your entertainment needs on tablets. As the name says, it is a personalized space for all your movies, shows, books, video games, and more.


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The purpose of this app is to spare you the trouble of hopping between apps to check out what you have and where. It presents you with an aggregate view of content from your apps, that’s grouped by type, as shown in the image above.

The Watch tab is for movies, shows, and YouTube videos and it also shows a personalized and trending recommendation row alongside a “continue watching” row. The recommendation row comes from Google TV, Twitch, Hulu, “and many additional services”.

The Games tab is quite similar, with a Continue Playing row and a recommendations row. You can also play games instantly to try them out without having to download them.

The third and final section, the Books tab, only seems to include books from Google Play Books. This means that Kindle users will have to go back to the respective apps to find their books. Audiobooks can also be found here but there is no support for Audible. You can find recommendations here as well.

Google says that Entertainment Space should become available to Android tablets worldwide “later this year”. There is no precise launch date as of yet.

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