Muslim Worshippers in London Egged During Taraweeh Prayers

Britain’s Muslims had been overjoyed and relieved at being allowed to commute to mosques for prayers during the holy month of Ramadan this year but a few malefactors in an otherwise peaceful East London community had taken it upon themselves to disrupt the proceedings.

According to reports circulating in the British media, a group of unknown assailants threw eggs at worshippers as they offered Taraweeh prayers at the Alford Islamic Center last night.

As many as five fully-bearded men had been sighted committing the act while in a silver car. After they left, the Metropolitan Police was called to the scene of the incident, and it confirmed the reports to local news outlets.


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The uncalled-for act has shaken many, it is also a cause for concern in the long run as analysts and experts predict that such happenings will only worsen and become more frequent over time.

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