Students Demand Shafqat Mahmood To Cancel Board Exams [Reactions]

Amid a surge in COVID-19 cases and the familiar feeling of fearing to pass an exam, students from across the country are now demanding Education Minister, Shafqat Mahmood, to cancel their board exams.

The hashtag #cancelboardexams2021 has been trending on Twitter ever since the O/A Level exams got postponed.


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While most people have urged the education minister to defer all exams until the situation gets better, a ‘highly intellectual’ netizen argued in a post that by forcing students to sit in exams during a raging pandemic, the government and concerned academic boards will be held responsible if any exam center becomes a hotspot.

While the argument itself is fairly logical, it does not, however, make any grounds for citing emotional blackmail.

As per reports, the government has taken all measures to ensure safety and to avoid rescheduling the board exams to a later date. In this regard, one netizen outlined a plan to foil any possibility of exams being held as planned.

The following one probably takes the cake. Who wants at least 7 more weeks to prepare for board exams?

The ongoing plight of board students in the face of ‘academic uncertainty’ has been heavily highlighted, and drawn reactions from students and stakeholders. But try to understand that ranting on Twitter is in no way the right method to make Shafqat Mehmood bend to your will.

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