British-Pakistani Gets Elected as a Councilor Yet Again

Nazia Rehman, a Pakistani-born Certified Chartered Accountant and the first-ever ethnic minority councilor in Wigan, has won the seat for the second time in Tyldesley in the elections that were conducted on 6 May.

The British-Pakistani member of Cabinet for Finance, Resources, and Transformation was first elected as the ethnic minority councilor in Wigan in May 2016 on Labour party’s seat. She was later promoted to the cabinet and served as the lead member for Community and Family Safety, and then a portfolio holder for finance, resources, and transformation.


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Wigan Council is the second-largest council of greater Manchester and has a total of 75 councilors.

Rehman said, “I am very proud to be the only councilor from an ethnic minority background in a majority white area. Winning almost 50 percent of the popular vote and increasing my majority has been nothing else less than amazing. I believe in breaking down the barriers and following my aspirations and dreams”.


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Nazia Rehman is an advocate for girls’ education and especially encourages primary and secondary school girls to delve into diverse fields including science, technology, and business.

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