UAE Adds Pakistan to Travel Suspension List

The United Arab Emirates has added Pakistan to the list of countries from where citizens are not allowed to enter the country, said the UAE Civil Authority.

This order will be effective from May 12th, 2021 – 11:59 pm.

Other countries included in the suspension list are Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. India was already part of the suspension list as Indian citizens were barred to enter UAE borders last month. They have been banned until further notice with no deadline announced.

As for Pakistani travelers, no Pakistani passport holder can enter UAE borders, regardless of means of traveling. If they are coming from another country they will only be allowed to enter if they did not stay in the origin country for more than 14 days.

Only diplomats, UAE officials, and government delegations are exempted from the ban.

Exempted passengers will also have to undergo PCR tests within 48 hours of travel to the country.

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